Thursday, July 13, 2006


Pronounced "fishing," it is a scam to steal valuable information such as credit card and social security numbers, user IDs and passwords. Also known as "brand spoofing," an official-looking e-mail is sent to potential victims pretending to be from their ISP, bank or retail establishment. E-mails can be sent to people on selected lists or on any list, expecting that some percentage of recipients will actually have an account with the real organization.

E-Mail Is the "Bait"

The e-mail states that due to internal accounting errors or some other pretext, certain information must be updated to continue your service. A link in the message directs the user to a Web page that asks for financial information. The page looks genuine, because it is easy to fake a valid Web site. Any HTML page on the Web can be copied and modified to suit the phishing scheme.

Anyone Can Phish

A "phishing kit" is a set of software tools that help the novice phisher imitate a target Web site and make mass mailings. It may even include lists of e-mail addresses. How thoughtful of people to create these kits. In the meantime, if you suspect a phishing scheme, you can report it to the Anti-Phishing Working Group at

The "Spear" Phishing Variant

Spear phishing is more targeted and personal. The e-mail supposedly comes from someone in the organization everyone knows such as the head of human resources. It could also come from someone not known by name, but with a title of authority such as a LAN administrator. Once one employee falls for the scheme and divulges sensitive information, it can be used to gain access to more of the company's resources.


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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

02 July 2006

What really did my head in during the England game was Beckham throwing his captains arm band at Neville when he was brought off and then putting his ankle in two ton of ice to let everybody see that he was injured he was coming off no matter what. I couldn't handle the bit where he saw himself on the big screen and started to cry do me a favour, if you are going to cry wait until you have been knocked out at least. Sven is going to get everything he deserves from the press and lets not forget his clone McClaren he has been his right hand man for three years he has his input as well, at least McClaren can start a Publishing Co. because all I see him do is write things down he started to write before the game even kicked off

30 June 2006

What we all know about Henry is that he is a sulker always has been. I still haven't seen him do the business on the world stage.
What a statement by Sven it doesn't matter how we play, can you imagine winning the World Cup playing the way we are it would be a joke.

28 June 2006

What another good game that’s the best I have seen France for a long time if Spain had a defence they could have gone all the way. I still haven't seen Henry perform on a world stage why doesn't he play out on the left that's where all his best work comes from and come to that the same goes for Ronaldinho he will be better out on the left.
England have a great chance now that Deco is out lets hope they can at least put on a better performance than they have so far. Can you imagine winning the World Cup playing like this even the fan's out there are saying its terrible to watch.
If only Ghana could have finished in front of goal we would have been saying Bye Bye Brazil, why can't we pass the ball around like them wouldn't it be nice.

26 June 2006

I have just watched the tackle again on Ronaldo in the first 10 minutes of the Holland match and how that referee never sent the Dutch player off is a joke. The joke is the commentator Clive idiot Tyldesley, not sure about his name but does it matter, said it didn't warrant a yellow card what a prat - never kicked a ball in his life how would he know.

25 June 2006

What can we say about the England win? Yes we did look stronger in midfield but then again we should have with 5 in there. Terry Venables said the same but what happens when we play a team who can get in the box and know what to do. I thought Carrick was outstanding and Sven doesn't even fancy him. Playing Rooney up on his own does stop us hitting the long ball in the air, thank goodness he is getting better every game but we are making hard work of these games we should be really breezing through.
Just watched Portugal beat Holland the referee was even worse than Graham Poll if that’s possible, they deserved to win and what a game Deco had - that’s what you call a midfield performance he was fantastic and what a result for England. Deco is going to miss the game, he could be the difference between us winning and losing. Without a doubt he is the best midfield player out of all of them as far as I am concerned.

22 June 2006

Just been reading Jamie Redknapp's comment's in the Daily Mail, He says David Beckham would be the first one to say that he didn't have a good game against Sweden but Redknapp said they didn't get the ball out to him what a load of crap. Redknapp is making excuses for him because he knows him. I have said this so many times when I hear people say well they never got the ball out to him its rubbish, good player's make the ball come to them watch Ronaldinio, Deco, Riquelme they get the ball all the time and it doesn't matter what sort of game they are having. That's the trouble with nearly all these ex-player's they are on the payroll and don't want to upset any player in case they come face to face with them in the studio - always making excuses for them.

21June 2006

England's performance in the first half was a lot better but in saying that if they put two passes together it would have been better. Joe Cole was the only player who was prepared to run at them and he was our best player by a long way. We will always play better without Gerrard or Lampard they cannot play together, and I say it again, Carragher is not good enough. He didn't make one overlap in 90 minutes he wants to be safe all the time the same as Ferdinand. Ferdinand could do so much more for this team by breaking out with the ball or just coming forward into the spaces like he did towards the end of the season with United. They won twelve games on the trot when he started to do this.
What a joke this is bringing Walcott. Defoe must be thinking what sort of a prat is Sven. We all know what sort of a prat he is - a great big one. Has anybody noticed that we haven't seen McClaren jumping up and down? Because if, and I do mean if, we were to win the World Cup it would make his job really hard then wouldn't it? I am sure he would like to get all the glory when he is in charge he won't get any now if we do well.

20 June 2006

Spain will not be winning any World Cup with that defence. Tunisia could have scored every time they attacked if they had been good enough. There are so many bad commentators and Johnathan Pearse is right at the top of the list with Motson. What about Beglin, Bright, and boring Southgate putting there bits in do we have to listen to them? Its bad enough listening to Hansen without them as well.

19 June 2006

So Brazil get through! Well they will not be winning anything believe me. They took Ronaldo off but what about Adriano? He is crap, his first touch is woeful he can't kick with his right foot at all and he can't dribble by and he has not got any vision.
Sven is leaving Gerrard out and in comes Hargreaves. He must have something on Sven - some pitcures or something. Lets see what happens now. I believe it will work better without Gerrard or without Lampard. They have never played well together but Sven has never had the balls to leave one or the other out. There was no chance of him leaving Beckham out we all know that even if he is having a bad game he will take off a stiker first - probably Owen to bring on Lennon
France have got players who haven't got the heart for it. When I think what Zidane and Vieira could do it breaks your heart to see them now. I understand why Arsenal let Vieira go. I have a friend who is very close to the going's on at Arsenal and he told me that Vieira couldn't do the running like he could before. This was very evident when Arsenal played Juve and even more evident now, a shame.

15 June 2006

Everybody is saying we are only playing the long ball now, of course we are only going to play the long ball because when you have somebody like Crouch in the team what else are you going to play? Lucky he scored because otherwise what did he do but mess so many things up and lucky Gerrard scored as well because he had a shocking game. Rooney was out there and that is all I can say but you know he can only get better. Sven has got to start with the boy Lennon he is the only one who can go by anyone and I have always said it. Carragher has never been an International in his life he is a good stopper at Premier level.
Ecuador, my dark horses are still in there

14 June 2006

I wonder if this could be the year that Spain really shows us what they have promised for so long. They certainly looked the part against the Ukraine. There wasn't a weak link anywhere and in Torres' they have got someone special, we will see because we have been down this road with Spain before.
Brazil will not be winning anything. Take Ronaldinho out of that team and they are very ordinary. Adriano, I have never rated him, his control is terrible, he can't dribble by anybody, lucky he has got a powerful shot. Cafu has been a great player but he is 36 years of age he can't get up and back now its impossible. Ze Roberto is a average player so is Emmerson.
I know Ronaldo is overweight and he is lazy but he can turn a game in a second but not on that performance. The President of Brazil's football federation said before the game to Carlos Alberto and the press that Ronaldo is too fat to play! What a statement to make. Ronaldo looked like he was saying to him F------ck you because it is impossible for him to be that bad.

12 June 2006

I have got to say that England's second half performance was the poorest I have seen out of all the games I have watched. Australia v Japan was great watching. I felt sorry for Japan but they didn't have a clue once they got near the Australian's box and boy did they have some chances.
Argentina looked good, Portugal looked good and I think the dark horse is Ecuador. I thought Italy for once played more openly than I have seen them for a long time even when they went a goal in front they never tried to shut up shop.
What about Motson and Lawrenson they do my head in. Motson is only there to give you information from 40 years ago that nobody is interested in and Lawrenson keeps trying to make out he knows exactly what these managers are going to do tactically. Like with ten minutes to go Lippi is going to make a change and Lawrenson says “that’s it Lippi is going to shut up shop now” and Lippi brings on a forward Del-Piero. Tts funny whenever Lawrenson drops a Wally he never says anything more about it. The worst two are without doubt Pearce and Pleat the thinking man's curb crawler.
Can't wait to see Brazil like the rest of us.

10 June 2006

Well all we can say is England won but they will have to play a lot better and I mean a lot better. The second half was so poor. We could all see that England were playing too deep and letting Paraguay have too much of the ball but Sven just sits there on the bench without a clue what to do. Mind you McClaren is sitting next to him - doesn't he say anything? Probably not.
Sweden couldn't get the better of Tinidad & Tobago even with Trinidad playing with 10 men it was a good game more so for Trinidad than Sweden.
Ecuador looked good to me so fast the right back was as quick Henry no pushovers are these.

8 June 2006

Who does Sven think he is kidding when he says Rooney and I will decide when he is going to play and not Man United. There is only one man who will decide when he plays and that is Ferguson and rightly so.
They do write some rubbish sometimes - the Press are saying that Barcelona want to swap Deco for Lampard and that Lampard thinks he is under pressure from Ballack, the only one who will be under pressure from Ballack is Essien who is nothing special for me at all. Any team would like to have Deco and it tells you something that he was the first player that Mourinho tried to buy for Chelsea - say no more.

4 June 2006

Gudjohnsen going to Man.United will be great for both of them he is just what they need. He is a class act but he must have somebody by the side of him to do his graft and let him be the play-maker. Ferguson has got to find a striker now to replace Van-Nistelrooy.
Great - the FA have got rid of Dein. I think there is going to be more trouble over this Belgian bung and make no mistake that’s what it is.
I was reading what Paul Parker had to say about Sven picking Walcott. He must have read my script! But listen how can you pick somebody who has never played a game for the team he is with and even more importantly never seen him play yourself.

1 June 2006

So David the bully Dein is in a bit of trouble with lending money to Belgian club Beveren, I read that if Arsenal were found guilty they could be relegated. Even if they were found guilty nothing would happen to them they would just slap a fine on them. If it had been Swindon that did it they would be relegated to the Conference.
 Frank Lampard says lay off Owen Hargreaves he is a good player. Frank I am sorry but you are speaking like that because you probably like him as a mate and are with him everyday but he is not a good player. Yes he plays in a lot of positions but badly. 
We know that Mourinho was going to buy a left back because its the one position where he has had crap players there .Tell me how Wayne Bridge is in the England Squad I have never seen a more one footed player than him. His right boot is the same as when it came out of   the box - untouched.
 Tony Woodcock told Howard Wilkinson about Owen Hargreaves. We know who to thank now - Wilkinson one of the biggest Plonkers in the game and still he keeps getting a job. Didn't we have him down here with the other con-man Bassett I remember asking the Birch what Bassett did when Adams took over and they couldn't pay Bassett off? Birch said he still lives in Sheffield he plays golf a couple a times a week and he commentates on the radio, I asked him what does he do here Birch said he just picks up his £70,000 a year wages not bad for doing nothing is it.

31 May 2006

Sven has not got a clue what formation to play. Here we are two weeks before the world cup starts and he is putting Carragher in the holding role which he can't play. Carragher is a stopper - a good one for Liverpool but he has not got enough to be in the England team. Not in front of Terry or Rio, as for playing the holding role who is going to provide the passes for the front people if I was Carrick I would be very upset if Carragher was put in front of me in midfield.
Simon Jordon is going to sue Dowie. What a joke that Jordon is. He deserves Souness if thats who he is going to get. Why would you want Souness? He is a bully-boy and what has he done anywhere he has been, get ready for relegation Palace.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

26 May 2006 Only Lennon came out of the En...

26 May 2006
Only Lennon came out of the England game with any credit. He played like he plays for Spurs, straight at them. Defenders hate it when you run at them. He is the only one who can do it with any conviction. Please tell me how Hargraves can even get in the squad he is terrible he can't even pass the ball ten yards without it getting cut out.
Walcott I feel a bit sorry for him he is out of his depth through no fault of his own, even the great PELE said when interviewed how could the PL-----ker Sven pick somebody he has not even seen play. By the way PELE didnt say PL------KER.
Can you blame Ferguson for not wanting Rooney to go unless he is 100% fit because he knows that PL----ker Sven will play him fit or not just like he did with Beckham and we all know how that turned out.
24 May 2006
The Pl-----KER Sven says Walcott is in the England set-up and deserves to be there. How can he say he deserves to be there what has he done to get in the England set-up? I read Bobby Charlton’s comments today and what he is saying is Sven is a PL------KER.
Pascal Chimbonda will be a great signing for Spurs they will have to pay £5,000,000 but at today’s prices that’s about right - I like him a lot.
Terry Venables must not take the Middlesborough job the England role will suit him down to the ground he must get rid of all those clinkers Ray Clemance, Sammy Lee, e
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Thursday, May 25, 2006

24 May 2006 The Pl-----KER Sven says Walco...

24 May 2006
The Pl-----KER Sven says Walcott is in the England set-up and deserves to be there. How can he say he deserves to be there what has he done to get in the England set-up? I read Bobby Charlton’s comments today and what he is saying is Sven is a PL------KER.
Pascal Chimbonda will be a great signing for Spurs they will have to pay £5,000,000 but at today’s prices that’s about right - I like him a lot.
Terry Venables must not take the Middlesborough job the England role will suit him down to the ground he must get rid of all those clinkers Ray Clemance, Sammy Lee, etc .
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22 May 2006 So Swindon have taken the pois...

22 May 2006
So Swindon have taken the poison dwarf Dennis Wise as their manager, good luck to them. That means another job for Wilkins it just goes on and on.
Mourinho said Walcott would have gone to the World Cup with some games under his belt if he had signed for Chelsea and I believe him. I also think we will see Shaun Wright-Phillips back to his best form next season if he stays. It takes at least a season to get used to a new team + moving to London takes a bit of getting used to.
Iain Dowie leaves Palace he has done the right thing - move on - he needs a new challenge and the players need a new challenge. I think he is a good manager and will get a better club very soon.
If I was Chairman at Palace I would take the £8,000,000 for Johnson now.
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Sunday, May 21, 2006

21 May 2006 What a joke Sven is. They hurt...

21 May 2006
What a joke Sven is. They hurt him he says, the way they let everybody know that he was being sacked after the World Cup, He should have been sacked the moment he went behind everyone’s back to speak to Chelsea. They had there chance to get rid of him then what did the Pl------kers do? They gave him a rise!
Watford were the only team in it Leeds were so poor, just as they were in the Semi-Final. They have got nothing I can't believe how they got this far. Never liked Ken Bates anyway does anybody like him?
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20 May 2006 At last Henry is staying. Grea...

20 May 2006
At last Henry is staying. Great news for Arsenal maybe we might see a smile from Wenger now. He would have had to change his whole system if Henry had gone so it is cheaper to give him £130,000 a week and make no changes.
Charlton, my old club, don't know how lucky they have been with Peter Taylor pulling out. It has saved them from relegation.
Nobody seems to mention Colin Calderwood for these top jobs I think he has done a great job at Northampton. Its very hard to keep a team in the top six for two seasons on the trot which he has managed to do. Next season will be harder for him now Northampton are promoted but I think he is up to it.
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18 May 2006 Why doesn't Henry just tell th...

18 May 2006
Why doesn't Henry just tell the Arsenal fans if he is staying or going? He does my head in. Are you telling me he doesn't know what he is doing yet? Talk about wanting everybody to grovel to him including Wenger how much more can they do?
How can Arsenal blame the loss on that off-side decision it was so close the linesman could not tell one way or the other, the trouble was Eboue who played really well got caught sleeping a little bit which was understandable he must have been so tired because Eto'o work rate is something else. I thought Ashley Cole did brilliant in the first half which is a good sign for England. Fabregas was just ordinary as was Van Bromel who I have never rated. Larsson was the one who made it happen when he came on you could see them getting closer and closer to getting a goal.
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17May 2006 All we seem to talk about...

17May 2006
All we seem to talk about is the referees. When are they going to do something about them? Never. It wasn't difficult all he had to do was let the goal stand Eto’o was going to score anyway. Wenger never saw any of his players falling down again never does that’s what does my head in with Wenger. I have wanted Barcelona to win all along it was just a shame it couldn't have been eleven v eleven.
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16 May 2006 My old club Charlton must have...

16 May 2006
My old club Charlton must have lost the plot. Can they really want Peter Taylor? Yes if they want to be relegated. He is like the players he bought for us not good enough for the Premier but all right for the lower Divisions.
How can that PL-------KER Ericksson say to those young boys at Harrow School on March 10 when he agreed to do a question-and-answer session that Walcott was very quick and like Thierry Henry in style when he has never seen him play or at that time not even train.
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15 May 2006 I thought Birch was finished w...

15 May 2006
I thought Birch was finished with Heart Radio for the season I just caught a little bit of the chat which was about who would you play up front for England. I don't know who his fellow hosts were on the show because once I heard one of them say he would put James Beattie up front. That was enough for me to turn off. How could you even think about playing Beattie? He can't even trap the ball he is just a work-horse and a poor one at that.
Jeff Powell who writes in the Mail asked - do you think Sven would be taking a chance with Walcott if he wasn't leaving after the World Cup and with £5,000,000 of the F.A. money. I think he is bang on the money Sven has never taken a chance in his life. If he took as many chances with football as he does with his women we might get some excitement for once.
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13 May 2006 Well all I can say is that Wes...

13 May 2006
Well all I can say is that West Ham gave it away, the right back Scaloni should be shot - 3-2 with 4 minutes to go and he wants to play the goodie goodie, I wouldn't mind but Cisse was standing up all he had was muscle cramp and Scaloni taps the ball out he couldn't even pump it out of the ground and then they throw the ball back to him and he even F----cks that up I could cry.
13 May 2006
Can West Ham beat Liverpool? I hope so but I think Liverpool will grind them down, if West Ham go behind I think that will be the end for them. It would be lovely for Teddy Sherringham to go out with a Cup Final medal I am sure he will play some role during the game. Harewood has got to be on his game because he is the only one up front with some pace Ashton hasn't got any he is just a target player for me which will suit Hyypia down to the ground - come on West
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12 May 2006 So they have let Glen Roe...

12 May 2006
So they have let Glen Roeder keep his job - what a load of old crap this having a Badge is. I went for my Badge at Loughborough University under Howard Wilkinson - what a joke he is running around like a madman. My pal in London has a full Badge and he is a Taxi Driver -does that make him a better coach than me? The powers that be want people in charge to have a full badge what badge have they got to pick the England Manager.
Stuart Pearce is getting rid of a lot of players but he has just given David Dunne a new contract I don't rate him at all.
10 May 2006
So they give Mourinho manager of the year award, I love it - what a joke! He said I am in shock I couldn't get one manager of the month all year but you give me manager of the year, say no more.
I am taking the biggest gamble of my career by picking Walcott say's Sven, my God he has never gambled in his life and now he decides to take one for the World Cup. If I was a striker playing all season and he overlooked me for somebody who hasn't even played one game I would be devastated as I am sure they all will be. They keep telling us we have all this talent about but we get one injury and Sven hasn't got a clue what to do hence Walcott, I would love to see Walcott do great but it is a big task.
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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

9 May 2006 I have just watched the Preston...

9 May 2006
I have just watched the Preston vs. Leeds game. The Referee had no control at all, I thought Preston were rubbish against Leicester and I thought they were rubbish tonight. Chris Kamara was talking about the game and he was rubbish as well. Rainey - Leeds left back got sent off for two yellow cards. The first wasn't for a tackle it was for opening his mouth, the second was for a bad tackle and Kamara said you have got to feel sorry for Crainey. Why? If I was the manager I would be going mad he is going to miss the final now. He also said the same thing when Cresswell got sent off for kicking the ball away with one minute left to play and he is going to miss the final. Kevin Blackwell was going mad at Cresswell and so he should, with all that’s gone on at Leeds Blackwell has done a good job.
Theo Walcott
Sven has picked a 17year old to save us now. Listen, I am all for playing young boys but this takes the cake Walcott has never been mentioned at any time during the build up so I can only believe that Bully Boy David Dein has picked him. If I was Defoe I would be thinking to myself Sven can't think much of me if he is picking somebody who has not even played a game. Two players - Owen and Rooney have both got broken feet and Crouch who has got two broken feet!
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Sunday, May 07, 2006

7 May 2006 I am just reading in my paper,...

7 May 2006
I am just reading in my paper, The Daily Mail, that Jamie Redknapp is going to be writing for them. Now I am sure that he is a nice guy but is he boring? He seems to be on every game sky show at the moment, he said its a shame about Rooney but we shouldn't worry to much because he thinks Crouch can do a great job for us. He spent 6 months with him at Southampton and he has got a lot of class! I don't care how long he spent with him at Southampton he has got no class, his first touch is bad he has got no speed and no power in his heading and not a lot of movement.
We keep hearing about all this wonderful talent we have and yet Sven is thinking about Heskey. I am sorry but Heskey is not a International Player.
Well if this is the way McClaren is thinking - asking Venables to help him – then he is going to be alright. I know Terry he is one of the best coaches around. The media loves him; the public loves him, and most of all the players like him. Well done Steve. Noel White will not be a happy bunny when he hears this and will almost certainly try to block it but let's see how strong you are Steve and tell the Bunny to F---ck off you are running the team not him. Do it your way Steve because you will still get the sack if you do it his way .
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